Wifi Signal Strength

More than 75% Americans have mentioned that they would become grumpy, if they did not use Wi-Fi for a single week. In fact the urge to use Wi-Fi was more addictive than consuming coffee. What is Wi-Fi? This can be simply defined as the wireless-signal strength which is received and it is used extensively to run the internet on any equipment’s like smartphones, tablets or even your old PC. Today there is more number of mobiles in this planet than people. Most of these mobiles have internet connection which is used using Wi-Fi. When the internet is slow, people get agitated. Below we have tried to understand the main factors which affect the Wifi Signal Strength.

•    Obstructions from physical objects- When you are using a wireless network, they are many things which stand between the Wi-Fi Transmitter and the receiver, which could be a simple smart-phone. The ideal condition to enjoy a good strength of Wi-Fi Transmitter would be if there are no physical obstructions occurring. However, in reality there could be a physical obstruction and this would lower the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. It is essential that you speak to the network specialist and find out how you can improve the strength of the wireless network. Here you need to look for physical objects which have large area of wire mesh or large buildings which would have thick walls in them and this blocks the wireless signals.

Wifi Signal Strength

•    What is the difference between the equipment and the Wi-Fi Transmitter? When you are within the city limits, you’re smart-phone would have good internet coverage. However when you move out of the city or travelling, the strength of the Wi-Fi would be poor. The main reason here would be that the distance between the Wi-Fi Transmitter and the equipment is very extensive and thus the connections would be slow if not bad.

•    Are you facing interference? You might be sitting in the office and working near the Wi-Fi Transmitter. However your Wi-Fi strength would be bad. Here it would be necessary to ask your network specialist and request him to check if they are any interference’s in the Wi-Fi network. The problem here is that there are much equipment’s which are using Wi-Fi and the presence of many such devices causes interference.

•    Is the signal being shared? Multiple users can use a single AP to share and work. However a large number of radios are present in an AP. The major challenge for a network specialist is to communicate with resources and enable instant communications.

•    Slow bandwidth- When you are using Wi-Fi, there would be some users using it. The Wi-Fi network is shared. However whenever you have many people accessing the same Wi-Fi network the bandwidth would be slow. However when limited people are using the Wi-Fi network, the bandwidth would be strong.

•    Where is the antenna located? The position of the antenna plays an important role in determining the Wifi Signal Strength of a specified area. If the antennae are placed in wrong areas, the Wi-Fi network would be very slow and this would create problems with internet access. However if the antennae are placed accurately, the Wi-Fi network would be slow and it would receive and access signals in a maximum manner.

•    What do you understand by the concept of finite spectrum? The operating frequencies in a company using Wi-Fi network are unlimited in nature. However some channels might overlap and this would create a situation of interference. Thus it is essential that you limit the number of channels being used and this would in turn limit the number of devices accessing the AP.

•    What equipment are you using? When you are using a laptop, it can use the Wi-Fi network more effectively than a tablet or even a smart-phone. The output power is higher and thus the laptop works better than other equipments like smart-phones.

•    Can your Wi-Fi network get affected by the current weather? Wireless signals are transmitted in a Wi-Fi network from the transmitter to the equipment via waves. If the weather is bad or it is raining, the Wi-Fi network might get affected to a large extent. If the Wi-Fi network is within the office building, there would not be much of a difference. However if the Wi-Fi network is outside the building the connectivity would get connected.