Wifi signal strength: Six Ways You Can Increase It

By the year 2017, a large portion of carrier traffic network would be unloaded to Wi-Fi. A recent study has revealed that a smart-phone user checks his phone very frequently and this could be as high as 150 times in a single day. Pew Research Center has indicated that more people access things online, when they have no work to be done. All these activities require connectivity with internet and thus you would need a strong Wi-Fi network. If you are facing low Wifi Signal Strength, here are ways to boost it up.

Changing the channel

When you are using the Wi-Fi network, you are working it on specific channels. When you are setting up the Wi-Fi network router, it would select a few channels on its own. By default you might select a channel which is crowded and hence the strength of the Wi-Fi network would be low. A good solution to use here is to select a channel which is less crowded and within a few minutes you would enjoy good Wi-Fi network.

Wifi Signal Strength

Have you checked the condition of your firmware of the router?

When using a wireless network in your home, you hardly pay any attention to the condition of the router-firmware. Most networking equipments receive some notifications which would help you to update the software. However some old versions of these routers do not receive these notifications. Therefore if you are facing problems in your Wi-Fi network, it would be a good idea to look at notifications and immediately undertake up-gradation of router-firmware. Here you would need to search for the router-firmware software and then update it by using the specified interface.

Is your adapter firmware updated?

The adaptors used in your laptop and PC also need firmware updates on a periodic basis. You can enjoy good wifi signal strength, if you have a good quality network-adaptor. To find the name of your network adaptor, you would need to visit the Control Panel area and see the name. Once you have the name, visit the website of the adapter firmware and get the latest version.

Change the position of the router

If you have been receiving poor wireless network problem for some time, have you looked at the position where your router might be located. The router could be placed among a modem broadband which is placed in the basement area. Thus you have distance problem. It is essential that you change the position of the router and remove it from basement. Very soon, you would enjoy good internet connectivity.

Have you used the DD-WRT?

This is open source software for routers. When you use it, the performance of the router improves significantly. It is essential when you install this software you seek the advice of an expert.

Setting up a second router

You can set up a second router and attach it to the main router. Basic security precautions should be undertaken like setting up similar SSID.

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